MacWorks Plus II supports System 7.5 on Macintosh XL and Lisa


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MacWorks Plus II Features

MacWorks Plus II


Note: Operation of MacWorks Plus II requires that the PFG (Programmable Frequency Generator) is installed on the X/Lisa's I/O board. To purchase a PFG, see Ordering Information below.

Product History

MacWorks was originally developed by Apple Computer Inc. to allow the Lisa to run Macintosh software. When Apple discontinued the Lisa (renamed the Macintosh XL), Sun Remarketing Corp. of Logan, Utah continued development of the MacWorks environment under license up to the release of MacWorks Plus v1.1h (which supports System software up to v6.0.3). Dafax Processing Corp. with the assistance of Query Engineering Inc. (now known as Sigma Seven Systems Ltd.) then further developed the environment up to the current MacWorks Plus II.

Ordering Information

You may be able to purchase MacWorks Plus II (and other items for your X/Lisa) from:

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