Floating Point Unit (FPU) for Apple PowerBook Duo 250, Duo 230 and Duo 210 provides Portable Math Coprocessor Performance

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Duo FPU Modification

As of January 1999, this modification is still available at US $349, however your money is likely better spent on a used 270 or PPC Duo.

Apple PowerBook Duo computers with 68030 processor show an impressive performance boost when a math coprocessor (otherwise known as a Floating Point Unit) is installed. Performance in mathematics intensive software can be as much as 10 times greater with an FPU, but the improvement depends strongly on the software itself. An FPU contributes so much to math performance that some math intensive software will not run without an FPU as it would simply be too slow.

Duo 210, 230, and 250 users can use an FPU installed in the Duo Dock, but for portable FPU performance, there are only two options:

  1. Use a different PowerBook

  2. Have an FPU custom installed for you

Sigma Seven Systems Ltd. offers a custom FPU installation for Duo 210, 230, and 250 computers that retains the extreme portability of the Duo line.

We will install a standard Motorola 33 MHz 68882 in a mini or micro-dock that you supply, or if you prefer, inside your Duo itself. The FPU used is the same as the one used in the Duo Dock, and requires no additional software (support for the FPU is already built into the Duo System Software) for complete compatibility.

The FPU installation is US $349 including return shipping via UPS air in Canada or USA. If you supply the appropriate FPU, we deduct $85. (The FPU used is the MC68882FN33, as used in the Duo Dock)

Ordering Procedure

We request that people make a reservation for a particular week so that we can schedule our efforts and make sure we have the necessary parts on hand.

After checking with us for a reservation, you may send your unit for modification via UPS or insured mail. UPS express is typically 2-3 working days, Air Mail is typically 1-3 weeks.

Do pack your unit well; two inches of packing material on all sides is recommended, and you should pack the electronics in an anti-static bag to keep the packing material out of the connectors.

If you ship via UPS, make sure our phone number (and yours) is clearly marked on the shipping label. UPS likes to have 5 copies of a (simulated) 'commercial invoice' which identifies the shipper (you) and consignee (us) as well as describing the contents and its value, again phone numbers are important to make sure the process is speedy. You put this in an envelope on the outside of the box. If you wish to pay by MasterCard or Visa, you will need to provide your card number, expiration date, mailing address, and phone number. The actual billing is done by Dafax Processing Corp. in NY when we return ship your unit, so they will send you confirmation for your records and your statement will show Dafax as the billing source. NY state residents add NY sales tax for credit card billing. Please send confirming email when you ship your unit so that we can watch for it. Also, if you send UPS, tell us the tracking number and the date shipped so that we can make sure UPS stays on their toes.

Thank you for your interest, for further inquiries on this product, contact:

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